What is GoldenEye Studios?

We are just a bunch of SEO aficionados determined to make the promising sites deliver.

Can you teach me how to rank on the first page of Google?

Whoa there, slow down your horses! We are not some kind of magicians that can make your site come to the first page of Google instantly. What you need is PATIENCE. A lot of patience. Because things can really be messed up even if you did everything right. But with proper tools, tutorials and most importantly, mindset, you have a greater chance of succeeding.

I have some questions, can i ask you personally?

You can use our Contact Us page if you have some questions and we’ll gladly attend to that!

Which strategy is better, the White Hat or the Black Hat?

Hmmm. That depends. For me, there is no First Page SERP site that doesn’t uses some kind of Black Hat method. Any form of self-promotion (except Social Media, Press Release and Guest Posting) is against the Google Webmaster Code. I’m not saying that Black Hat SEO rules, quite the contrary. The more you go further, the higher the chance of your site being penalized or deindexed. Gray Hat is the best. A mixed kind. Balance. Yin and Yang. Flow like water.