Avoid 5 Mistakes and Prevent a Bad Website Design

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The purpose of the web was to make the sharing of documents easier. As the web grew, it started offering services that are primarily based on the philosophy of connecting the hyperlinked documents containing information. With the popularity of this new technology and the evolution of internet brought tools that made it incredibly easier for anyone with internet access to publish their documents online.

Bad Structure

A bad structure is when you do a website without planning it first. A web design that leaves the user bewildered as to where they should click next is a bad website design having a poor structure. Your website design should have a reasonable structure. It is wise to first plan your website before actually designing and publishing it to the web. Make sure that you present the information divided into different pages. Each web page should be accessible by a mouse click from other pages. The links should be placed in prominent places so that visitors can find them out. Make sure you provide the information that a visitor to your website might seek.

web design seoInconsistency of Style

Maintaining a consistency between the design styles of different web pages is critical. All your web pages should use the same style rules to display content and links.

Wrong Colors

Whether it is a web design, a logo design, or a building design color is essential. It is a proven fact that human minds react to the colors. A bad combination of a color scheme may scare off your visitors. For example using blue text with a yellow background color is so painful that no one would stay on such a web page for more than a second. Choose your colors wisely.

Broken links

Nothing annoys a web user more than a broken link. Users come to your site hoping to find links that will lead them to the information they seek and move on to somewhere else or take some action. If a web page contains broken links that lead to page not found errors users simply hit backs the home button to search for some other useful website. This may affect the overall search-ability of the website. These should be highly considered by an online marketing  company thus it affects the marketing condition of a business. So make sure your links are not broken and are connected to proper sources.

Missing Information

I don’t remember how many times I visited websites that offered good content but failed to add some information. For example when you visit a company’s website to look for their contact information, and you find out that even though they do have a website, but they forgot to add their contact details there. This is a real annoyance to most web surfers. When planning your site plan to add a page that provides all the necessary information that user may need to contact you or learn more about the website.